After a couple trips to the emergency department, I have been hospitalized with a fever, possible infection, rash and abdominal pain. While the blood culture is growing for 48 hours, I have been put on antibiotic pills and liquid form. My abdominal pain is better and I am being well looked after. My husband is especially helpful. He has hardly left my side and stayed with me as the doctor put me into isolation. I think he grabbed a little bit of sleep but it was sleeping in a regular chair.

Yesterday afternoon my white cells responsible for the immune response dropped to 400 which put me into grade 4 neutropenia. Overnight in emergency the count dropped to zero. I am in isolation while they try to fix the problem and keep me from getting sick.

My leg pains are a lot better as the medication I was receiving for nerve damage has kicked in. The problem has now moved to the bottoms of my feet where the nerves are screaming in the soles of my feet to my toes. This makes it hard to walk, but I am not getting up a lot anyway.

I will be in isolation in the hospital for at least a couple of days and then after they figure out which bacteria is causing me the problems, I hope I can go home. I am more grateful than ever for my own bed!

6 thoughts on “Hospitalized

  1. You are amazing Cheryl. Blessings and much prayer. Pray God blesses that good man by your side as well.

  2. Oh, Cheryl, I am so sorry you are going through this. Sounds very painful and disorienting having to be isolated at a hospital. I hope you are able to sleep at least. You posted a couple of days ago and I am wondering if you might be going home for the weekend?
    Praying for you and Richard

  3. Jenny, I am so grateful to have a good man by my side. His comment to me is that “we” have cancer so he is willing to go through whatever i am going through. When i was in the hospital and my fever was edging up, he came to the hospital and stayed with me until 2 am until the fever had broke. I can’t even imagine how i ever deserved a husband like that!

  4. Thank you also Ingrid for your prayers for Richard. It was touch and go whether I was going to go home, but Richard and i were persistent. I hounded the nurses and made them agree that a verbal agreement from my doctor would suffice, and Richard kept calling the doctor’s office. I am so glad I did not have to stay at the hospital for the extra couple of days.

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