Chemo curls

Chemo curls

Chemo curls

If has been awhile since I posted. I have been so busy, it is hard to take time off from my to-do list to write. How have I been? Well, I have been getting better each day although I still struggle with my chemo legs. I have a lot of stiffness in my legs, and I still don’t have my strength back. But I am working on it.

What is new is my hair! It is growing very, very slowly but as it is growing out it definitely has chemo curls! The picture above is not me, but it illustrates how chemo curls come in. My hair is not as long as the picture, and I am not brave enough to show my own hair online, but it is similar as it is wavy, unruly and has a serious cow-lick in the back. But…at least I have hair! My hair has also changed colour. It is no longer red. It is about 30% white and the rest is a mixture of all different kinds of brown from almost black to very light. Not all of my hair has grown back yet and it appears that it is still getting thicker. I used to have very thick poker straight hair and now it has a wave. If I don’t brush it after a shower, my entire head is filled with curls. Some people say that this chemo curl can last for 6 months to a year and sometimes it is permanent. That should be interesting!

The colour can also change back to the normal hair colour (or so I hear), but the colour change can also be permanent. I will be interested to see how my hair will look once it is long enough for a hair cut. I am sure my hair dresser will be very surprised at what has happened to my hair. She has cut my hair for years so she knows it well. I hope she will know what to do with this new chemo curl. Right now I have a permanent wave in the back that I cannot straighten out no matter how much I brush it. It is unmanageable, but then I tell myself what a blessing it is to have hair! So for now I have wavy “granny” hair and I wonder if my red hair will ever grow back. Time will tell. Life after chemo and surgery is interesting. My hope for an extension on life is strong. Life indeed is a treasure and no day should be wasted. I do take time to smell the roses, though, because time for relaxation and reflection is not wasted time.

13 thoughts on “Chemo curls

  1. So good to hear from you again Cheryl! And so happy that things are turning around… and looking pretty good which you are celebrating. Yeah! Healed until something changes is a good motto I think. Praying for you daily for strength, joy and loving the moment! You are an inspiration to me:-)

  2. blumzadeline I pray for your journey as well. Have you started chemo yet? I haven’t seen any updates or maybe I am not on Facebook enough to see them. I am living the “healed until something changes” daily and loving it!

  3. I am so glad to hear you are coming along so well. Just continue to do what you can and may God be your on going source of strength.

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