About “On the Path” blog

About “On the Path” blog

About "On the Path" by Cheryl Schatz

Why “On the Path” blog exists

I started with ministry blogs because my life is about ministry. There were so many questions that were thrown at me, but God was gracious and gave me deep theological answers were beyond my own ability. The answers that I recorded were helpful to so many, and that gave me great joy. However, one day I realized that there was a story to tell that didn’t fit on my ministry blogs. I could clog up my ministry with updates on my personal life…or I could just create a blog for my own personal journey. This story started in 2013 when I was told I had cancer. It was a very aggressive cancer and the chemo I was slated to take into my body would take me to my lowest point, and I was told it might very well kill me. I survived both the cancer and the chemotherapy, but the journey was rough. There were fears inside me, yet I wanted my journey to encourage others too. So I started this blog for the painful cancer journey, my own spiritual journey of growth, and to express thoughts that didn’t seem relevant anywhere else. Someday my life will end, and I would like my own spiritual journey to live past my existence on this earth. This is On the Path, and it is my journey and my musings. I intend to keep writing. I am not always good at stretching my time between so many projects and blogs, but my intention is to continue, as I can, to record what I see as important.

I am an apologist (a person who makes a defense for the Christian faith) and I am an author of two DVDs and working on my third. I love theology, and I am willing to have an “iron sharpens iron” at the drop of a hat. I work full-time in ministry as a volunteer for MM Outreach.

Most importantly, I love Jesus. I have given my life for Jesus to use in any way that He sees fit.

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