Joyful for good news!

Joyful for good news!

Joyful - On the Path blog by Cheryl Schatz

Last Wednesday, my husband and I made a trip to the closest cancer hospital to see an oncologist about the next step in my treatment. The doctor that we were booked to see had taken ill that day, so we were rescheduled to see another oncologist who is now taking over my treatments. We also learned that the former oncologist had planned radiation before surgery as the next step after my current chemotherapy treatment. The reasoning is that the doctors want to make sure that there is a clear margin of cancer-free skin for the surgeon to work with. The main issue is that the aggressive cancer that was growing in me had already spread to the skin.

Ear to ear smile

My new doctor gave me his biggest ear-to-ear smile after his examination. The chemotherapy has done such a good job at removing the cancer, he said there is no need for radiation before surgery! He showed us how the marks left over by the cancer show that the skin is cancer free. When you press hard on the skin and then move off, the skin goes white from lack of blood. That is, normal skin goes white, but cancer does not. All signs show a very aggressive attack on the cancer by the chemotherapy has worked extremely well.

The next good news

My new doctor gave me some more reason for hope that really surprised me. He said that when the chemotherapy works this well, there is a 50% chance that the chemotherapy has completely destroyed the cancer. If that has happened in my case, I won’t need radiation after surgery either! He will know about three weeks after surgery when the results come in from the examination of the tissue. If there is no sign of active cancer within the tissue, then I am home free from the pains and damage of radiation. If there is cancer still found in the tissue, at least I will not have pre-surgery radiation. The reason that this is so important to me, is that I had radiation years ago on the same area, and radiation done a second time produces greater symptoms including the possibility that the skin would not heal properly after surgery.

Joyful to God for His goodness!

I am so thankful to God for His goodness to me! The fact that I do not have to have radiation before surgery is a huge relief to me and the possibility that I do not have to have radiation at all, just blows my mind! I am thankful that I have received such good news. It feels like an early Christmas gift.

Prayer request

With the next two chemo sessions coming up on December 27th and then mid-January 2014, my prayer is that the Lord will give me strength and endurance. I am feeling far more fatigue that I would like. I am not bouncing back as fast as I did before. I understand that with the kind of chemo I am receiving right now, the symptoms have a compounding effect, and so I may feel even more exhaustion until my treatments are over. But there is so much to do and I have a lot of passion to get our next DVD project completed. If God would bless me with endurance and strength during these next few months, I would be very grateful. I understand that He is in charge, and He will do what He sees fit and what is best for me, but I also believe He hears and answers prayers.

Thank you for each and everyone who has prayed for my health. You are deeply loved and appreciated as you give me your care!

16 thoughts on “Joyful for good news!

  1. Most excellent. I was thinking/worrying about you around this Christmas season and am thankful for answered prayer. Let us persist in the good fight.

  2. MBT, that is also my hope. In fact I have more hope right now than ever. I had assumed I would have to suffer through all the treatments and to see hope that my life may get back to normal faster than I thought, is so encouraging to me. I was flying high when we got back from Kelowna. The trip wore me out and I have been sleeping most of the time since then, but my spirit is high in spite of the fatigue.

  3. I love getting good news at this time when the good news of Mary’s child is the backdrop of it all. Merry Christmas Cheryl.

  4. This is one of the best news I have received at Christmas in a long time! Praise you Jesus. We rejoice and celebrate this gift with you and will continue with our prayers.

  5. Dear Cheryl: Our prayers are with you as the Lord continue His miracles on your healing body. Erich’s heart really identifies with the tiredness you are going through, as he would have great plans to accomplished many things in the morniing and then find himself completly exhausted after a short period of time. So his advice is do what you can at the moment and the moments will turn into hours. God bless you and your family. Love Erich and Jean Grieshaber, in Italy. The Lords miracles and grace continue.

  6. Thank you Erich and Jean for the encouragement. It does seem that living through chemo means one day at a time and one moment at a time. It is difficult to plan to plan much of anything long term and that is frustrating, but I can rejoice when I am able to get the important things done. I also rejoice when I can get through the day without a nap. That usually only happens at the end of the cycle. So I need to remember one thing at a time and keep going and don’t be discouraged. It is wonderful to hear from someone who understands the things I am going through. Thank you so much for writing from Italy to give me this word of encouragement!

  7. I am so very happy for the great news you received and pray that you will take it easy and re cope and that the surgery will be all you need to be completely restored and back to health. The Chemo alone must be terrifically hard on your body. You amaze me with your positive , faith filled, attitude. May God continue to strengthen you in every way. We look forward to hearing that you are healed and becoming wronger as you continue and finish this journey. I am sure God will give you much opportunity to encourage others who walk in the same path you have. Happy 2014

  8. Diane, I too hope that the surgery will end my ordeal and I can start the process of healing and getting back to normal. It would be a real blessing to be used to help others along the same path. I trust that 2014 will be a new turn in the road. I so want to be normal again. Happy New Year to you as well.

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