Update on Christmas and more

Update on Christmas and more

We were able to travel to the coast to see our children and grandchildren and that was a real treat. Unfortunately I did not get nearly enough time to spend with the family as I had chemotherapy the day before we left, and much of the week I spent in bed sleeping off the exhaustion. I thought it would be easier to handle, but being bed ridden at home is not the same as out like a light at my daughter’s house. I felt sad that I missed so much, yet really blessed to be with family during the time that I was awake.

Lately, I have been recouping at home as I came down with pink eye the day before we left to come home. My daughter Misty took really good care of me as it was nearly impossible to find a clinic open or one that would allow me to come in. They were filled with sick patients, which is a huge problem for a chemo patient with a compromised immune system. Misty contacted her doctor and he was able to get me the medicine I needed. I still feel tired, but I am slowly getting better. I just have to get rid of the pink eye so I can have my last chemo session next week Thursday. They won’t treat me if I am still infected.

Below is a picture of my daughter Misty who was a tremendous host and fantastic turkey soup maker!

Misty - On the Path blog by Cheryl Schatz

Below is a picture of the loveable Roxy who wanted to sit on my lap every opportunity she could. It wasn’t until after I contracted pink eye, that we found out that Roxy was the source. Poor Roxy had pink eye under all of that fluffy hair!

Roxy - On the Path blog by Cheryl Schatz

I never knew a person could get pink eye from a dog. Now I know!

I hope all of you had a blessed Christmas and that 2014 will be the start to a blessed year to serve the Lord!

4 thoughts on “Update on Christmas and more

  1. What a blessing that was for you all to be together. Pray your grand puppy induced pink eye heals quickly. Happy New Year to you and all your loves Cheryl. Pray it is your year of restoration.

  2. I never knew you could get pink eye from a dog, either! So nice to see a couple of photos to lend such a personal touch. I’m so glad you were able to see family, even though it was under such adverse conditions. Seems like you are having fewer complications with each chemo dose and that it is a good sign.

    Many blessings and prayers…

  3. Stefanie,
    Thanks for the mention about the photos. I had not thought to post personal photos before, so your comment made me think about the meaningfulness of being personal and open. I have taken that to heart and I think it is a good idea.

    The symptoms other than my drippy eyes, the burning of my tube down to my stomach and the pain of acid reflux on that tissue, as well as exhaustion, are less than they were for a couple of reasons. I have been down graded to 3/4 of the full dose and this is much easier to take, as well as I am being heavily medicated to take care of the neuropathy in my legs. It is a real God-send as I used to be downing extra strength tylenol all night or the pain was too great to sleep. Now I have zero pains in my legs except for some residual pain in my feet. I praise God for that!

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