MM Outreach News & Views #124

MM Outreach News & Views #124

In the #124 issue of the MM Outreach News & Views 

July, Aug, Sept 2018

Religious Tidbits - controversy over Bill Hybels and his retirement, Joyce Meyer scolds Christians about cancer, San Francisco and the “Beyonce Mass”, Francis Chan warns about criticism, Benny Hinn;s  new claim, and Costi Hinn speaks out against the "prosperity gospel".

Also information on a recent Bible “translation” from a Universalist author called Mirror Word.

Macie’s Story A testimony of the confusion brought by the counterfeit prophetic movement and how one woman found the courage to step away from the deception in the New Apostolic Reformation movement.

Is Billy Graham’s Death A Sign? -  Melanie Ryzuk reports on the prophecies about a revival following the death of Billy Graham and the “prophets” who have come out of the woodwork since his death. What does God say about end-times revival? Checking the credibility of those who have prophesied about Billy Graham.

Twisted Scriptures - Breaking Free From churches That Abuse A review of the book by Mary Alice Shmalogar. How do abusive groups set up invisible walls to cause their followers to walk away from anyone who is critical of the group? How hard is it to leave an abusive group? Cheryl Schatz comments on the painful process of leaving a controlling, abusive group.

Questions from our Readers - Does Jesus’ story from Luke 16:19-31 mean that all rich men go to hell? What is the third wave? Please comment on why the 7th Day Adventist Church teaches that Jesus is Michael the Archangel? Have you heard of Dr. Carolyn Leaf? 

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