MM Outreach News & Views #121

In the #121 issue of the MM Outreach News & Views 

Oct, Nov, Dec 2017

Religious Tidbits - including information on the Canada’s first designation of a “gender-free” baby; the "Bible Answer Man" (Hank Hanegraaf) his fall-out since converting to Eastern Orthodoxy, and his cancer diagnosis.

A JW Elder Turns to the Bible—and Finds Jesus The testimony of David Reed.

SDA Soul Seep or Now “Present” With the Lord? -  Article by Cheryl Schatz on the State of the Dead and what can the dead do.

Is Christmas a Matter of Respect for Jesus? The Watchtower’s original worship of Jesus and their present-day denial.

Questions from our Readers - What is Christian Hedonism and why is John Piper teaching this doctrine as a “pervasive biblical truth”? What is Shambhala? Why did Jesus use Mud and Saliva in some of his miracles? What is the One Thing that the rich young ruler kacked in Luke 18:22? In Mormonism who are the sons of God?

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