MM Outreach News & Views #125

MM Outreach News & Views #125

In the #125 issue of the MM Outreach News & Views 

Oct, Nov, Dec 2018

Visiting Heaven and Hell - by Bob DeWaay. Why the claims of the afterlife are not reliable. Bob reviews several accounts of people claiming to have gone to heaven or hell or both and compares their accounts to each other and the Bible.

No Christmas For Jehovah’s Witnesses By Chuck Broka. Chuck lists the problems with the Jehovah’s Witnesses criticism of Christmas including its origin.

Four Progressive Steps Into Apostasy: Identifying Spiritual Drift By Mike Gendron. Mike lists the steps that lead people away from the truth of God’s word and into apostasy.

New Age Concepts— Watch out for these buzz words By Marcia Montenegro. Some of the common concepts that signal that the primary context of the method of healing is spiritual not medical. 

Questions from our Readers - Finding the will of God is it pagan? Do you have any literature that uyniquely addresses the false teaching of Richard Foster?

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