MM Outreach News & Views #119

MM Outreach News & Views #119

In the #119 issue of MM Outreach News & Views

April, May June 2017

Experiencing Jehovah’s Witnesses Fears - Cheryl Schatz writes on her experiences with the JW door knockers and how she learned to witness to them. Cheryl led a support group for former Jehovah’s Witnesses. She lists some of the common fears of Jehovah’s Witnesses and why their hope to survive Armageddon is not a secure hope even after all their hard work.

Interested in Error - Melanie Ryzuk writes about her research project checking out Bill Johnson’s Bethel Church, Redding, CA and affiliated Jesus Culture. Melanie reveals how she became aware of the New Apostolic Reformation connections with Bill Johnson’s church. 

Handling Opposition - Short article on handling opposition of those who do not want to hear that they are being deceived by false doctrine.

Coping with the Cults - Support this ministry work with a gift of $100 USD or more to MM Outreach Inc this quarter and receive a copy of Lorri MacGregor’s Coping with the Cults book for free. Donations are not tax deductible, but your gifts help us continue this important work.

Prophecy, authority, and the Resurrection - by Cheryl Schatz. The resurrection is a primary belief that has been under attack for 2,000 years by various groups from the early Jewish adversaries of Jesus to modern-day Jehovah’s Witnesses. Cheryl discusses the challenges to the resurrection and the answers of the Lord Jesus that proves His power and His authority. This article is a clear biblical support for the prophetic fulfillment of the resurrection.

Who are the Orthodox? - And why is the Eastern Mindset so hard to reach? This article helps to explain the basics of the Orthodox view and how a Christian may share Jesus and His gospel of grace with those who are steeped in tradition and their belief in an unknowable God.

Questions from our Readers - Questions in this issue include: Is the casting of lots a valid practice for today? Is “grounding” that is advocated by Beni Johnson of Bethel Church, Redding, CA, a spiritual practice? Was Paul outside the will of God when he went to Jerusalem after being warned that he would be arrested and jailed? Should we caution people not to leave their churches over secondary issues? Are Jehovah’s Witnesses allowed to go to the funeral of a disfellowshipped person? Should Christians be fearful of cremation?

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