MM Outreach News & Views #123

In the #123 issue of the MM Outreach News & Views 

April, May, June 2018

Religious Tidbits - including Franklin Graham response to critics; new documentary on Rob Bell called “The Heretic”; Mel Gibson’s sequel to the movie “The Passion of the Christ”; news on R.C. Sproul; Jim Bakker’s newest “faith-based” shopping channel. 

When the World Listens: The influence of False Teachers by Cheryl Schatz

The Hebrew Roots Movement -  The Sabbath Movement that is dividing the church today by Cheryl Schatz

Must We LIsten in a New Way Because God Whispers? Whisper by Mark Baterson reviewed by Melanie Ryzuk

Questions from our Readers - Are Christians always hypocrites? Are Seventh-day Adventist Christians? How can I tell the difference between the voice of the enemy and the voice of God? Have you heard of the Tapping Solution Foundation? What do you think of Andrew Wommack’s “Better Way to Pray”?; What about Bill Johnson’s Bethel Church accepting Destiny Cards as a valid ministry?

Notice: New editions of MM Outreach News & Views are on hold right now as we work on our newest video project “The Giving”. Contact us for a copy of News & Views #123.

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