MM Outreach News & Views #120

MM Outreach News & Views #120

In the #120 issue of the MM Outreach News & Views 

July, August, Sept 2017

Religious Tidbits - including information on the Bible Answer Man Hank Hanegraaf converting to Eastern Orthodoxy.

Have you been deceived? Cheryl Schatz writes on how she had been deceived in the past and how to recognize 3 key lies that Satan whispers to Christians to keep them deceived.

The Shack and the Rise of Universalism -  The testimony of Dave Aldrich, the talented artist who created the artwork for The Shack book. Also William Paul Young’s Universalism in full display with his new book, Lies We Believe About God as well as his new movie.

Why Does God All Deception and False Religions? The biblical answer.

Hooked by the “World Ending in 1975” — to Freedom in Christ. Testimony by Ex-JW Dorothy Banks.

The Marks of a Cult - Warning signs of a potentially unsafe group/leader

Questions from our Readers - Is Rick Warren a false prophet? What is Quiverful theology? Who is Rob Reimer and is his Soul Care a good study? What evidence do you have that the book of Revelation was written after the fall of Jerusalem so that the Tribulatino is still a future event? What is soaking music? Does the Watchtower teach that demons can answer your prayers?

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