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Authority: Bible

Ken Ham: Can you trust the Bible? Ken deals with some of the arguments against the Bible's reliability. Copyright 2003 from Answers in Genesis Ministries. Used with permission. Listen here.   For more audio, material or to contact Ken go to his web site at  

Child Custody

Duane Magnani shares about custody trials where the Watchtower has instructed their followers to conceal the Watchtower's true teachings in order to give the Jehovah's Witness parent a better chance of winning custody of the child. Listen here.

Dialog with a JW

Part 1 Dr. Walter Martin and Mr. Bill Cetnar present a mock dialogue on the doorstep with a Jehovah's Witness. Mr. Cetnar was a long-time Jehovah's Witness who worked at the Watchtower Headquarters. Both Bill and Joan Cetnar came free from Watchtower mind control and came to a personal knowledge of Jesus. Listen here.

Part 2 Dr. Walter Martin and Mr. Bill Cetnar present a mock dialogue on the doorstep with a Jehovah's Witness. Mr. Cetnar was a long-time Jehovah's Witness who worked at the Watchtower Headquarters. Both Bill and Joan Cetnar came free from Watchtower mind control and came to a personal knowledge of Jesus. Listen here.

False Prophecy

Keith Walker teaches on refuting the JWs argument that they are not false prophets. Keith and Becky founded Evidence Ministries in 1995. Listen here. Keith’s email:

Listen to Watchtower leaders promote 1975 and hear the Watchtower's writings that encouraged the belief in this failed date. Listen here.

Cults and their prophets. This audio was done by Lorri MacGregor in the early 1980's but has lots of information on the Prophet figures of different cult groups.

God’s Name

Cris Sanchez teaches on the importance of the Divine Name to Jehovah's Witnesses and what name Jesus used. Listen.

Pronunciation or Reputation (2006) Keith talks on the addition of the name Jehovah in the New World Translation. Is correct pronunciation important? Listen. 

JW Heart Talk

A heart to heart talk with Jehovah’s Witnesses on Watchtower doctrine. Carl Mickens spent 30 years serving the Watchtower organization until he started seeing from Scripture that Jesus is the truth, not any organization. Carl speaks to Witnesses who are struggling with leaving Watchtower doctrine behind. Listen.

JW Mental Illness

Jerry Bergman talks about the high rate of mental illness in the Jehovah's Witnesses organization and the reasons for such a high rate. Listen.


Jehovah’s Witnesses and the Real Jesus by Lorri MacGregor. Lorri was a JW for 15 years. Listen.

Man’s Nature

Peter Barnes documents the differences between the nature of man from the Watchtower's perspective and the historic view of Christianity. This is part of Peter's series in deprogramming Jehovah's Witnesses. Peter was formerly a circuit overseer in the Jehovah’s Witnesses before he found the real Jesus. Listen.

Marriage & JWs

Dealing with a spouse who is a Jehovah’s Witnesses. Wilbur speaks about the stresses and challenges of a non-Witness married to a Jehovah's Witness (1997). Listen.

Lorri warns about the problems with the Watchtower's interference in marriages and how they can take over the estates of elderly new converts. Listen. 

New World Bible

Peter Barnes exams the scholarship of the New World Translation. Peter was a Jehovah’s Witness circuit overseer responsible for 16 JW congregations. Peter’s testimony is in his book, Out of the darkness into light: A Jehovah’s Witness finds the truth — in Jesus Christ (1984) Listen.


Mark answers the question about what to do when you don’t feel saved. Mark is a former Seventh Day Adventist Pastor who addresses the issue of faith when you question your salvation. Listen here 

Mark's web site is 

Texts/Terms Twisted

Dr. Walter Martin explains key texts and terms that have been twisted by the Watchtower Organization Part 1. Listen.

Dr. Walter Martin explains key texts and terms that have been twisted by the Watchtower Organization. Part 2. Listen.

Lorri MacGregor reveals the way that the Watchtower has changed and twisted Scriptures. Lorri was a Jehovah’s Witness for 15 years and founded MacGregor Ministries with her husband Keith. The ministry is now MM Outreach Inc. Listen.

The Dead & Hell

Dr. Morey takes a look at the hardest doctrine for Jehovah's Witnesses to accept after leaving the Watchtower. Death and the afterlife. Listen.

Dr. Morey compares the love of God with the eternal consequences of rejecting God's salvation. Listen.

Erich & Jean Grieshaber go through three topics that Jehovah's Witnesses need to get deprogrammed from when leaving the Watchtower. Listen.

Lorri MacGregor teaches on the subject of soul sleep and the state of the dead. Listen.

Lorri MacGregor teaches on the New Heavens and the New Earth. Lorri was a Jehovah’s Witness for 15 years before she found Christ. Listen.

The Trinity

Part 1 of Arthur Waeterling’s 6 part series on the Trinity and its biblical basis. This series has helped many Jehovah’s Witnesses understand the Trinity. Listen

Part 2 of Arthur Waeterling’s 6 part series on the Trinity. The logic of the Trinity. Great set of audio files! Listen.

Part 3 of Arthur Waeterling’s 6 part series on the Trinity. This audio focuses on the person of the Father. Listen.

Arthur Waeterling explores the person of Jesus Christ as he continues his teaching on the doctrine of the Trinity. This is part 4 of a 6 part series on the Trinity. Listen.

Part 5 of Arthur Waeterling’s series on the Trinity. Arthur finishes his teaching on Jesus Christ the God-Man. Listen.

Part 6 of Arthur Waeterling’s devotional series on the Trinity with the person of the Holy Spirit. Great set of audio files! Listen.

Lorri was a Jehovah’s Witness for 15 years before she found Jesus as her Lord and Saviour. Lorri teaches on the Trinity. Listen.

Dr. Martin teaches on how to present the Trinity to a Jehovah's Witness. Part 1. Listen.

Dr. Martin concludes his presentation on the Christian viewpoint of the Trinity. Part 2l Listen.

The Lord’s supper

Lorri MacGregor was a JW for 15 years.Lorri served with MacGregor Ministries/MM Outreach Inc after being saved by God’s grace. 2002. Listen.

Q &  A

Listen in as Walter Martin receives questions after several teaching sessions on Jehovah’s Witnesses and Mormons in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Listen.

Part 1 Questions asking Jay Hess why he left the Watchtower Society and what beliefs he held when he left the organization. Did he fully understand who Jesus is when he left the JW's? Did the Watchtower ever claim to speak in God's name and then give a false prophecy? 

Audio taken from Paltalk podcasts by permission from Mart Hale.  

Part 2 Questions for Jay Hess and his involvement with the Watchtower Society and his leaving the organization. Listen.

Watchtower: History

Joy Veinot exposes the false history of the Watchtower organization. She and her husband Don lovingly persue those lost in the cults. Joy is director of Midwest Christian Outreach and together with Don they publish a quarterly journal.  Listen. 
The Veinot's web site is

Robert C. Hill highlights the parallel history of the Bible Students and the reasons why some who leave the Watchtower find themselves joining the Bible Students who still follow C.T. Russell's early teachings. 1999 Listen.

Lorri MacGregor discusses the pagan history of the Watchtower Society. Listen.

Listen to Watchtower leaders promote 1975 and hear what the Watchtower wrote that encouraged the belief in the failed date of 1975. Listen.

Keith Walker teaches on the changes in the Watchtower organization and their doctrine. 2004.  Listen.

Duane Magnani documents the changes in Watchtower interpretation that is opening the way for Jehovah's Witnesses to accept blood, attend college and to delay Armageddon past the generation of 1914. Recorded 1996. Listen.

WT: leaving the organization

Where does a Jehovah's Witness go when they leave the Watchtower? David Reed discusses their dilemma. Listen.

David Reed discusses the underground network of Jehovah's Witnesses many of whom have emotionally left the Watchtower but who are still in the organization because of family or other ties. David was an elder in the Jehovah’s Witnesses. He has written a book called “Jehovah’s Witnesses Answered Verse by Verse”. Classic from 1987. Listen.

Watchtower Authority

David looks at the question of whether God has an organization. David was a former Jehovah’s Witness elder. Listen.

Jim Rizoli from 1996. Jim appeals his disfellowshipping decision. Listen in as Jim cites Watchtower rules that are ignored by the elders. Listen.

Gordon Bryden shares how the Watchtower has used their authority to cause many to believe that they have insight into the future. Gordon shares on the events of 1975. This audio is one of the best on this topic! Listen.

Lorri MacGregor shares the Watchtower's purpose behind their 1999 publication 'Pay Attention to Daniel's Prophecy’. Lorri was a JW for 15 years. Listen.

Lorri exposes three Watchtower blunders: their involvement with the Nazis in the early WWII era, their strange amendments to their charter done in 1945 and their on-going tax avoidance which they brought about by their 'new light' on donations. Lorri was a JW for 15 years. Listen.

Witnessing to JWs

Duane Magnani documents the problems encountered when a Christian tries to witness to a Jehovah's Witness. Duane was raised as a JW and later became an expert in their history and he served as an expert court witness in child custody cases. Listen.

Overcoming Objections. Lorri MacGregor highlights the key objections to Christianity from the Watchtower's arguments and gives insight into how a Christian can reach Jehovah's Witnesses. Lorri was a JW for 15 years. Listen.

Lorri MacGregor shares several scriptural points that Christians can present at the door to witness to the Jehovah's Witnesses. Listen.

Dr. Martin, with his own unique personality, teaches Christians the basics of witnessing to a Jehovah's Witness in this tape of one of his witnessing workshops.  Listen.

Wilbur outlines an effective method for witnessing to Jehovah's Witnesses without arguing using their own literature. Listen.

John Warren demonstrates how Watchtower indoctrination takes place and how a person can be set free from that indoctrination. Listen.

Women: JW errors

Documentation on the Watchtower Society's view on women as well as the view of women held in some churches. Cheryl Schatz has been in ministry to the cults since 1988 and in 2006 she wrote the script for "Women in Ministry Silenced or Set Free?" an MM Outreach DVD production. Listen.

There are questions asked at the end of this talk and the answer to the question about two or three witnesses to the law of God is:
1. God first spoke the commandments to Israel - that is the first witness
2. God wrote the commandments on two tablets of stone - that is the second witness
3. After Moses broke the stone tablets, God wrote the commandments a second time - that is the third witness
4. Moses himself was a witness to the commandments of God that is the fourth witness.

Contact Cheryl through the contact address for this website.

Worship of God

Peter Barnes shares the importance of knowing who the True God is. Peter was a circuit servant and a long time Jehovah's Witness who came to understand that the Watchtower was not teaching the truth about God. Listen.

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