Transitions – Personal post

Transitions – Personal post

Cheryl Schatz personal transitions

In life there are transitions. As Christians, we go through many transitions as we grow in Christ and become all that we can be with His amazing grace. Today I am posting about a new challenge in life that involves an area of transition for me.  It is about a struggle…a struggle with cancer that I am facing as I fight for my life.

This past year

I have been working on a new DVD project, but in spite of the happiness I have felt by the new project, this past year has been an extremely stressful year. I have faced opposition and persecution from places that I never expected. Yet in the face of strong opposition, God’s grace has brought me through so that I have tremendous peace. However looking back, I understand that prayer support would have helped when my work was hindered and slowed more than it should have been. The body of Christ and the prayer support that we can offer each other was not there during that time because I did not ask for help.  It is time for me to ask my friends to lift me up in prayer. I need help.

Prayer Support

As I fight my battle for life against an enemy that wants to stop my work, and end my life, if you are inclined to pray for me, I would be very grateful.  I have been eighteen years cancer free, but it has come back with a vengeance. It is an aggressive enemy, but our God is able.  I choose to serve God with every breath that He gives me.

I am still dedicated to serving the Lord Jesus in the ministry that He has called me to. I do not intend to stop. However, I will need every ounce of strength that He provides, as my work will be interrupted by surgery and further treatment as the doctors consider necessary.  I will post updates on my health issues and prayer requests on this blog. If you would like to follow my personal journey, scroll down to the subscribe area on the right hand side to follow my posts.

Reasons to bless the Lord

No matter what comes my way, there are so many reasons to bless the Lord for all the good that He has done. Recently a relative sent me the song 10,000 Reasons as a way to encourage me. I would like to share the link with my friends. I hope it will bless you as well.

10,000 Reasons (Bless the Lord)

God’s strength is made perfect in our weakness.

Update on September 20, 2016

All of the updates on my cancer battle, and my spiritual journey are listed on my personal blog called On the Path, found here.

9 thoughts on “Transitions – Personal post

  1. Hey, Cheryl. First off, many hugs to you! I read your post several days ago and I’m really sorry I took so long to respond, but I do want you to know you ARE very much in my thoughts and prayers now. Your blog here and your insight and thoughts have always meant a great deal to me. Although I often preferred to just come over here as a lurker, your efforts for the cause of trying to gain true equality for women in the Body of Christ (or rather, trying to get the 95% of the Body of Christ who preach male supremacy to the rest of the Church to RECOGNIZE that God-given equality) really do mean very much to your sisters in Christ. I understand why you may not be able to post very often for a while, but I and a lot of others really love you and are concerned about you and everything you’re going through right now, so please do try to keep us posted and let us know how you are. And do try to keep hanging in there, even though I know it has to be difficult. You may not be as appreciated as you SHOULD be in the Body of Christ, but you ARE appreciated by your followers!

  2. Rose,
    Thank you for your kind thoughts and your compassion! I will continue to post updates and also post regular posts as I am able. I am blessed that you took the time to post a comment. It is a joy to have you partner with me in prayer for God’s will and my healing.

  3. Hello are you okay now enjoyed your teaching especially on should women teach. Thank you very much .

  4. Hi aggeemarie,

    I am doing well. Thank you! I am busy working on another DVD project and trying hard to figure out how to balance all the things I have to do with normal life.

    I am pleased to hear that you have been helped by my teaching! Praise the Lord!

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