5 thoughts on “Welcome to Women in Ministry blog by Cheryl Schatz

  1. I have material I want to post as a response to a challenge given to me last year. I will get to it eventually. I don’t do anything half-way, and it is a good challenge. Other things have consistently taken up my time and so I will fit it in as soon as I can. I wish I could keep up with going in a dozen different directions at the same time!

  2. I have a blog too so I know the problem. BTW, I’m not understanding Diane Sellner’s objection to your ministry. Is it because your a woman in a ministry or because you might be leading men or because of some of your views? I wish we Christians would be more Christ like to each other. I just looks bad for Sellner to say the things I’ve read (if true, and I”ve no reason to doubt it). Anyway, this is my first day reading here and was troubled to hear about the things said of a sister in Christ. Do we sometimes get caught up in our traditions so much and our apologetic that we forget the heart of the gospel? I’m not saying this of you, just we Christians in general. Our church just survived a huge split (happened over two years ago and we finally have a new pastor). But friends I’ve had for years in the church are simply disgruntled and gone. On a brighter note, over 200 Baptists voted for the new pastor and there were ZERO no votes! That’s unity. God bless your ministry. Dan

  3. Hi Dan,

    Diane’s objection is that I use the Bible to support God’s call for women in ministry without restriction, and the passages that I use are the very passages that have been used to restrict women in ministry. This is a hill to die on for Matt Slick so it becomes a hill to die on for Diane Sellner who supports Slick in everything he does. Her reward for her loyalty is her full reign on the CARM boards to do as she pleases without any negative consequence for her actions.

    I too am troubled when I see those who call themselves Christians treat other Christians with vitriol and an unChristlike spirit. I do believe in Church discipline when people get off base on the essential issues, but there should be grace on these secondary issues. It is shame when a church has to split on a secondary issue because it causes so much pain in the body of Christ. Kudos to your church for walking in unity on the new pastor.

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