Read this First

Read this First

Welcome to The Giving!  This blog is all about a balanced view of the Sovereignty of God.  I welcome people to post their comments and questions, however I want my blog to be respectful and gracious towards Christians even those who view the issue of the Sovereignty of God from a different understanding then what is listed on this blog.  Please read my comment policy before you post.

The separation between Calvinism and Arminianism has caused a lot of division in the church at large. It is rare to find public discussions that are civil as there is much name calling and mocking that substitutes for Christian charity over the issue of the Sovereignty of God. It is my view that we are to treat brothers and sisters in Christ with respect and love as if our Lord was standing in our midst. When Christians mock other Christians because of secondary issues of faith, how will we bring honor to Jesus who died for our brother as well as for us?

My blog will take a non-Calvinist viewpoint, but there will be opportunity to provide feedback and respectful challenges.

This blog seeks to do two things:

  1. To have a safe place for both sides to discuss doctrinal differences
  2. To give opportunity for Calvinists to give questions and challenges that have not been answered to their satisfaction from the non-Calvinist camp

I am working on a 5 DVD series that will deal with the Sovereignty of God from the balanced perspective, but dealing primarily with the Calvinist’s proof texts and challenges that Calvinists give to non-Calvinist.  I believe that questions and challenges from Calvinists deserve to be looked at carefully and answered. There will be opportunity on this blog to ask your questions, to give a challenge and to interact with brothers and sisters who may not agree with you, but who are convinced that we are to be loved as one body in Christ. I will post links to my ministry web site when each of the DVDs is ready.

Blessings in Christ,

Cheryl Schatz

5 thoughts on “Read this First

  1. I’d like to be able to comment with belittling a brother or sister for whom Christ died.

    God give me the grace to do so.

  2. I´d like to ask you about Ephesians 1 4-12 about words ,,chosen” and also ,,predestined” … thanks a lot

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