About “The Giving”

About “The Giving”

The Giving is a visual image of the Father giving Jesus for the sins of the world, and as a result of God’s work and His testimony, a people intimately known by the Father are given to His Son. The cross is shown as a water droplet – living water – coming down from Heaven. People who are intimately known by God are pictured as the splash of water raising up out of the pool of water.

The first of a 5 DVD set on a balanced view of the Sovereignty of God will deal with John 6 and each DVD after that will deal with another major scriptural passage that is used as a proof texts by Calvinists. Our point will be to show what Calvinists have missed in their own proof texts. The Giving blog is a tool that will go alongside the video where discussion can happen on a more personal basis.  Our purpose is to love the body of Christ by bringing healing to a very divisive subject.  We believe that God is Sovereign enough to draw His people together and that no doctrinal division is too hard for Jesus to solve.

The work on The Giving is ongoing at this time. An unexpected delay happened when Cheryl was diagnosed with cancer in July 2013.  A form will be provided on this site to sign up for notification for more information on the DVD series.  Production is through MM Outreach Inc and the author is Cheryl Schatz with Ryan Schatz as the commentator/host on the DVD.  We trust that you will find this series helpful, respectful and thought-provoking.

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