Author Cheryl Schatz

Author Cheryl Schatz

About Cheryl Schatz:

Cheryl lives in Nelson, BC, Canada and has been in an apologetics ministry since 1988 helping people find freedom from the cults. Cheryl has authored 5 DVDs on various doctrinal topics as well as 1 pocketbook called The Jesus Timeline written to help Jehovah’s Witnesses understand the resurrection of Jesus.

Cheryl’s interest regarding the issue of the Sovereignty of God came after watching a church hurt and split because Calvinism was forced upon the church members. The division grieved her heart and as a peacemaker, Cheryl wanted to make a difference in bringing healing to those who have been hurt by these doctrinal divisions.  This blog and her upcoming 5 DVD set are focused on bringing Christians together around the inspiration of the Word of God.

Cheryl’s web sites are and You can follow Cheryl on Twitter @CherylSchatz

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  1. Your bio saddens me. To hear of a church destroyed by Calvinism. Calvinism taught me Grace and burdened me for ministry. I understand though. I am a five pointer but I have met few five pointers I could be friends with. I pray you don’t judge us all by that experience. 🙂

  2. Derek, I no longer have the heart pain that I started out with as God has done a marvellous job of healing. I can now look at my brothers and sisters in Christ who are Calvinists and I can sincerely love them. Those who say that a Calvinist is not our brother in Christ have lost sight of their own faults, biases and misunderstandings and they fail to consider Christ. We live day to day in God’s grace when we are all so flawed. But the body of Christ is designed to bring a spirit of nurture and love and the gifts are to be shared so that we all grow together as one body. When we embrace the body of Christ, even with those who believe differently on secondary doctrine, we are tapped into a powerful way to grow in Christ. I truly can learn from all of God’s sheep. I do not have to shun a gift because it is within a Calvinist brother.

    The saddest part of having a church torn apart by the issue of Calvinism is that the shepherd that eats the sheep for the sake of a secondary doctrine. When one is wounded by his own shepherd and alienated from the flock because no choice is given concerning Calvinism, the wound is deep. If we love Jesus, we are to treat others in the body as He gave us His example. That is the highest form of loving Jesus Himself. It takes time to heal, but when the healing is complete, it is much easier to be patient and to love unconditionally.

    I have learned how to love deeper because I was exposed to persecution and abandonment. The faithfulness of the Lord Jesus and His incredible patience spurs me on to keep working at being a peacemaker.

  3. Excellent blog-I will certainly be involved in reading and studying through this forum

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