WIM blog picked as one of the top 55 Pastor Bloggers

WIM blog picked as one of the top 55 Pastor Bloggers

Top 55 pastor blogs on Women in Ministry by Cheryl Schatz

I have been notified that my Women in Ministry blog has been picked as one of the top 55 pastor bloggers on the online Christian Colleges website here.  My blog is listed up women pastors.  Also, my blog has been picked up as a biblioblog by biblioblogtop50.wordpress.com and this biblio blog site.  It is nice to see that the issue of women in ministry has received notice.

biblical-blog on Women in Ministry by Cheryl Schatz

12 thoughts on “WIM blog picked as one of the top 55 Pastor Bloggers

  1. Very good! I want you to know this blog has been a great resource and has saved me so much time. When discussing these issues I can link to the topic on your blog instead of explaining it over and over.

  2. Thanks Lin! Many people have told me the same thing and it helps me to understand not only the need of such a blog, but the need for an open forum to discuss the issues even with those who disagree. I think that I have learned how to defend the biblical teaching on the freedom that God has given all of his children the most when I have been challenged for it is then that I have been pushed in an area that didn’t seem important to me before. When I dig deep into what has become a road block for some people and learn how to unravel the wrong doctrine so that the truth is left bare and without obstruction, it helps me a lot and I believe it helps others too who may be sitting on the fence. I just praise God that in the last 4 years this blog has picked up a lot of attention and a lamp stand has been given. It is my intention to lift up the light of the Savior’s freedom for women to serve the body. If we stay focused on respectful conversation and the reasoned exegesis of Scripture, we can shine a light in an area where many have been repressed and held back from giving their very best for the body of Christ.

    Thanks for your comments!

  3. Congrats Cheryl. You deserve it.
    The combination of your research and gracious spirit make this blog and awesome place to visit.

  4. Congratulations, Cheryl. I agree with Mara that your careful scholarship and gracious, patient interaction with those who may have disagreed with you certainly qualified you and your blog to receive this recognition. And even if you didn’t disagree, you certainly were certainly challenged to thoroughly examine the Scriptures and their true bearing on the issues being discussed. And may your work, carried on in faithfulness to 2 Tim. 2:24-26, continue to bear fruit, to the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen!

  5. I’m glad such a site is gaining visibility and having the opportunity to make a statement to a wider audience. Personally, I don’t understand why women whose call to ministry is denied would choose to stay where they are unwelcome. Jesus told his disciples, “And if anyone will not receive you or listen to your words, shake off the dust from your feet as you leave that house or town (Matt.10:14).” Opportunities for ministry exist in many denominations. My own congregation, Presbyterian (USA), is thrilled to have a female pastor who has brought new energy and outstanding preaching.
    Nancy Poling

  6. Hi Nancy and welcome to my blog!

    The statement of Jesus was focused on non-Christians who would reject the gospel message. Could we use it for Christians who do not accept women in ministry? I suppose in a way it is saying that we can leave where we are not allowed to serve but it doesn’t mean that this is what all women must do. After all the shaking the dust off is a sign of judgment against the people and I don’t think that God is going to send people to hell for not allowing women to minister. Some women have been successful in staying in their denomination so that they can continue to influence people while using their gifts wherever the opportunity arises until more doors are open to them. Sometimes their gifts are so obvious to all that the issue of women’s freedom to minister becomes an issue again that is placed “on the table” and they are able to instigate the change. I don’t think that there is necessarily one right way of dealing with this problem. Sometimes women will choose to stay in their denomination for the Sunday service but participate in teaching others in another denomination for weekday bible studies. God is able to work around stubborn men. And sometimes He pushes them aside and moves a woman on to another place. Other times the only church in the area that allows women is very liberal and the gospel is treated more as a social club than the good news of eternal life. In this case it may not be wise to move but to stay where one is already located in a solid gospel believing church. There are just so many variables but no matter what the woman decides to do, God can and will use a strong Christian woman dedicated to obeying Him and using her gifts for the benefit of the body of Christ. He will find a way and it is amazing sometimes at the opportunities that are given to one gifted woman. Comps will excuse her freedom to minister in their midst by saying that God once in a while chooses to work through an animal or a woman and they see her as a unique call from God.

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