Profound thoughts from Isaac

Profound thoughts from Isaac

misty-isaac on Women in Ministry blog by Cheryl Schatz

While this blog is mostly always about the issue of women in ministry, today I digress so that I can pass on some of the cute sayings of my four year old grandson Isaac.  Above is Isaac and his mom Misty (my daughter).  From Misty’s “Funny things my kids have said to me” file:

1.  Just this morning Isaac called out to me from the bathroom…”MOOOMMY!  YOU GAVE ME TOO MUCH CARROTS!!!”

2.  Isaac spent a lot of time yesterday “baking” floam cookies for the company we were having later that evening.  (Floam is like playdoh but it doesn’t dry out).  While he was baking he says, “Mom?  God is giving me PASSION to do this!!!”  (Isaac takes after his Grandma in the passion department!)

3.  “You know our bones do what we do!  When we walk, they walk!” – Isaac.

4.  While eating macaroni at lunch…”I didn’t even bite the noodle!  It went SURFING down my neck!!”

5.  “What does that say, mom?”  “Total.”  “Oooohhh.  That’s like “turtle” in Spanish, right?”

6.  After staring at his Grandpa for a long time and analyzing all his features, Isaac finally just said, “So…..WHOSE tummy did you come out of again?”

7.  When I tuck Isaac in at night, I always ask him what he wants me to pray for.  One night he said, “Mom, can you please pray that you wouldn’t throw all my toys in the garbage?”

8.  “Pon-a-grab-it” is a Pommegranate.

9.  Isaac was looking through our wedding photo album and said, “This book is REALLY OLD isn’t it mom?”  I rolled my eyes and said, “Yes, it’s 11 years old.”  His response…”WOW! DIRTY SKUNKS!! THAT’S OLD!!”

10.  “Mom, boys are male, girls are “email”, right?”

More Women in Ministry next post 😀

5 thoughts on “Profound thoughts from Isaac

  1. Love it!!!! Thank you, Cheryl! Great and timely medicine for the soul.

  2. Wonderful, thank you so much. A real ‘lift to the spirits’ first thing in the morning

  3. I just had the great joy on Sunday of an extended play time with several of my great neices and nephews – ages 4-8. Our conversations are simply the best.

    Another neice, age 4, and I had an extended debate over New years on whether or not Park Rangers are “Police Officers” (a long story). Of the many fantastic rebuttals she gave, this one stood out. After noting that Police Officers carry guns (she took the engative position regarding the statis of Park Rangers), I parried with the fact that many Police Officers in England do not carry guns. Her devastating reply? “Well that’s their problem!”

  4. gengwall, that is great!!!! I overheard two five-year-olds once discussing the hear-after. The first said, “When you die, you go up!” (pointing upwards). The second vehemently spat back, “No you don’t because when they buried my grandma, they put her in the ground!!” That left them both wordless.

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