Update on video and home sale

Update on video and home sale

This past week has been an extremely busy one for me. I have been editing our Trinity DVD project and have gained a lot of ground by putting everything else pretty much on ignore. I want to take some time this week to post a few more articles so I will come out of the woodwork for a bit to get that done 😉

Also I am very pleased to give an update on the sale of our home. Today the conditions were removed on the offer to purchase our home and so it is officially sold and possession date will be June 20th. It has been a very difficult year financially with our old home on the market for a full year. We came here by faith just wanting to give our lives to serve the body of Christ and it has been a test by fire that we have survived. We are praising God for the blessing that he has given us in moving us on. We have been living by faith for a year now and we are very excited to see how God is going to continue to bless our ministry. We have given ourselves to full time ministry to teach the church not only how to minister to those lost in the cults, but how to love and accept sisters in Christ who have been called by God to use their God-given gifts for the benefit of the body of Christ. I was also very pleased last week to receive news that my DVD set “Women in Ministry Silenced or Set Free” will be used in a new doctoral program at a southern USA seminary to teach on the issue of women in ministry. I trust that many more women will be released into the service of the church and for the good of the body of Christ because the DVD series.

11 thoughts on “Update on video and home sale

  1. Wonderful news about your house and your DVD being used in a seminary. Awesome.

    God is good!

  2. Good to hear Cheryl!
    Many of us await the release of the DVD series on the Trinity.  Congrats on having them selected for viewing by a seminary!

  3. Can you name the seminary?  Do they plan to discuss both sides or what?

  4. tiro, Greg and Cindy:

    Thanks for your encouragement! It is so wonderful to have the doors being opened to us again regarding finances and also support of the work that I do. It has been a difficult year to say the least!


    The seminary is Dallas Theological Seminary. The prof said that students would be able to discuss the exegesis presented on the DVDs. I do not know whether or not they plan to bring up both sides of the issue or not.

  5. Congratulations Cheryl!!!
    Glad to hear about the sale and even more so that your DVD set will be used in a formal educational setting! Wow!
    May our wonderful Creator and Saviour Jesus Christ bless you and use you mightily for His Honor and Praise!
    Your brother in Christ Jesus,

  6. Cheryl, I am very happy to hear you have sold your home! What a relief for you. The news about using your DVD at DTS is wonderful. There are so few academic settings where the other side is presented so thoroughly and in depth. I pray it will get them digging into scripture. Be prepared for your detractors to say that DTS is a liberal seminary as if that should mean your DVD is liberal hermeneutics. I know the tactics quite well by now. And I know that content is rarely debated anymore. Lines in the sand are drawn by using the old liberal/conservative conversation stoppers. But that no longer deters me. Let’s debate the facts of scripture!

  7. Lin,
    So very true, in many cases, all the opposition has to do is use the dreaded “L” word (liberal) and like you say, it’s an instant show stopper for many.  Funny how some people will completely shut off their critical faculties if what’s being laid out doesn’t line up with what their churches teach them (aside from essentials) to believe without question.

  8. Martin and Lin,
    Thanks!  Lin, I too hope that the egalitarian side will get a fair hearing and get many digging into scripture.  I really don’t know anything about DTS but am not surprised that there are those who would throw out a “liberal” label and use that to shut up any dialog. I was shocked the first time someone gave me the “liberal” label.  I am about as far from liberal as you can get so if I can be labeled that way, then maybe labels don’t mean much anymore. The funny thing is that the real “liberals” don’t want anything to do with my DVD because it is too strong on the inspiration of scripture.

  9. “The funny thing is that the real “liberals” don’t want anything to do with my DVD because it is too strong on the inspiration of scripture.”

    I agree and that is the ONE thing that helped me to trust you as a teacher. I kept looking for the proof texting and whining about women as victims. It just was not there…only scripture in context! Praise God. And it is the one thing that gives your teaching authority… to the frustration of many

  10. Lin,
    You have been such a blessing to me!  Your encouraging words have been so soothing to me.  I truly do understand that we do not need man’s approval and that we are to please our Master first and foremost, but there are times that I wish I could do more to help people get the message about women and I feel down when I miss the mark of helping someone out of their faulty mindset.  I must continue to remind myself that it is the Holy Spirit’s job (and not mine!) to work the heart.  My job is to be faithful and use my gifts wherever and whenever God gives me opportunity and not to worry about how ripe the fruit is.  The harvest will come because it is God’s harvest.  When I read encouraging words like yours I remember that faithfulness is the key.  I am blessed when you share how you were looking for the “liberal” fruit around every corner in my teaching but you didn’t find it.  That means that I have been successful at presenting the importance of God’s word as the true authority.  If I can help even one person put their faith in God’s word and help them to be encouraged to read it in context(!), then I have been blessed beyond measure to be a tool in the hand of the Master.  Praise the Lord!!!  Thank you, Lin, for being that encouraging voice!

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