Canada gags the gospel

Canada gags the gospel

On Thursday our ministry partner Lorri MacGregor was on the radio program called Iron Sharpens Iron speaking about the situation in Canada that forced us to either compromise our Christian faith, be shut down by the Canadian government if we refuse to comply with their demands or shut down the charity ourselves.  If you want to hear the heart of this ministry and what our year long fight with the government has been, you can go to where there is a link to the mp3 file of Lorri’s interview on Iron Sharpens Iron broadcast from New York.

6 thoughts on “Canada gags the gospel

  1. I just listened and Lorrie does a great job. Thanks for sharing this. It did not escape my notice that Lorrie was teaching men how to use scripture to witness JW’s. :o) Praise God!

  2. Martin,
    I don’t know when they will have me on. I have offered to be on the radio show because of their request to Lorri and have not heard back yet. I know this next week the radio show is taken with a 5-day debate so I am assuming they will handle this issue when they have an opening. It is interesting to note that I listened to one of their archived programs and they mentioned my DVDs but not by name. They said that the DVDs were done by a group of “evangelical feminists” were were not liberals. I am assuming that Pastor Claude gave them a copy of the DVDs. He has been looking for help to get someone to refute me. He is a great guy but he doesn’t accept women preaching or teaching to men. l still don’t know how he can support Lorri’s ministry. He is very supportive and likes her a lot and really likes the material that we produce.

    Anyway the host on the radio show didn’t “get” my understanding of 1 Timothy 2. I would like to tell them to watch it three times in a row. This is typically what happens to those who have bought my DVD set. There is just so much information crammed into 3.5 hours that people need to watch it several times to pick up all the detailed information. People write me all the time telling me that they watched it three times and on the third time something just clicked and they got it. It is like their eyes are opened and they understand the complete context of the passage.

    Lorri is very good for quick, simple anyone-can-do-it kind of witnessing tactics. We work together very well even though in some ways we are complete opposites. She writes a little pamphlet that gets the average Christian involved in witnessing and people really love that and I write a detailed refute-every-little-point doctrinal teaching on the hard passages of scripture. She got me to carve off about 30 pages of script from my WIM DVDs promising me that we will tackle the info on the Trinity on its own merit instead of mixing the Trinity with the women’s issue. I think that was extremely wise of Lorri. That is what we are working on now. Lorri will do her part and it will be to the point and easy for everyone to get. I will do my part which will be out-of-the-box reasoning that will cause us to see the opposition and wonder how the church could have accepted the down-grading of Jesus and said nothing. There will be something for everyone whether the average Christian or those who want to go deeply into the tough texts such as 1 Cor. 15:28. The graphics will really help too to get the concepts across and I look forward to the writing and scripting to be done so I can move on to editing.

  3. FWIIW, my take is that Canada has decided to not give preferential tax treatment to those who proselytize. So if you want to do this, you do not get a tax break. This is their choice and it should be administered the same to all.

    I agree their implementation of it seems draconian.

  4. Don,
    I agree that if this is the direction that Canada wants to go they need to make it across the board and not just for Christians. It also would be fair if they took away the tax exception without having to shut you down and taxing everything you have 100%.

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