Adam was blamed but why wasn’t Eve?

Adam was blamed but why wasn’t Eve?

For those who have been following my comments on Wade Burleson’s post, the three blog articles that I refer to can be found here:

Adam as head of the family

Why was the sin of Adam more serious than the sin of Eve? Part one

Why was the sin of Adam more serious than the sin of Eve? Part two

If there are any questions, I would love to take them either on this forum or at Wade’s blog.

6 thoughts on “Adam was blamed but why wasn’t Eve?

  1. Hello Cheryl
    it is taking me (still not finished!) hours and hours to read through all the original post and comments on Wade’s blog site.
    May God continue to give you patience and kindness as you deal with others who don’t always ‘discuss’ things with an attitude christian humility and love.
    You have a lot more gentleness and patience than me i think!

  2. It’s the testosterone – it rots their brains.

    Seriously, the brothers get very frustrated when the inferior women refuse to bow to their superior knowlege. They really get upset when your scholarship is better than theirs.

    Those with brains of the clamshell variety aren’t going to change their minds. Paul could come back and explain to them what he ment and they would not accept it.

    The good news is that there are many out there (both men and women) who are sincere seekers of truth and are listening to what you are saying. They are examining the texts and the discussion and are seeking the Lord for understanding. The tide is turning. That really is what has the complementarians rattled.

    While I believe there are sincere complementarians who are concerned because they perceive a violation of scripture, I believe many more are motivated by the threatened loss of their power. Religion is a profession for them. Could you imagine what would happen in the SBC if women actually had a voice or (heaven forbid) a candidate at the Convention?

  3. Rahab,

    “clamshell variety”, ah now that is a real word picture. I have always loved truth and wondered why there are others who aren’t interested in discussing the scriptures in an open fashion. I guess if their mind is already made up and they aren’t interested in seeing another side of the picture, then their closed-minded attitude could be considered a “clamshell”. Interesting word picture for sure. I have had to learn to move on to others who are at least a little open because I have learned the hard way that trying to reason with a “clamshell” is a very frustrating experience. I can only pray that I never become tempted to become a “clamshell” but remain pliable in the hands of my Lord and Master Jesus Christ.


  4. I think everyone’s mind is made up before he (common gender) finds the facts to support the concept. And please, ladies, recall that Jesus had testosterone, too. That’s not an excuse for poor behavior or wooly thinking, any more than PMS or menopause is cause for misbehavior. Believers have the indwelling of the Holy Spirit; therefore, there really is no good reason to sin, period. We are to love, listen to, and build one another up– that’s our testimony to the world. We love one another.

  5. Hello,

    My dear sisters In Christ. I was taught that men teach women follow, well that all changed when the Lord changed me! After I was Born-Again I was studing like crazy, I found that women can be in Full leadership! With the Holy Spirit I went through ALL of Scripture and a great study on The Trinity! They try to use the Trinity to prove there point But when you learn Jesus is FULLY God (emptyed himself for ALITTLE while as scripture states) and nothing less you can’t use that, it works against them! I’m living proof that the Lord is correcting this issue and if the Lord changed me (Which He Did!) he will change others! I thank God for this site which is a lighthouse of Hope!

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