Another complementarian Pastor responds

Another complementarian Pastor responds

I am preparing a talk on women in ministry partly based on questions and challenges presented to me by a complementarian Pastor from a large denomination which restricts women from teaching the bible to men. Here are excerpts that he gave regarding our DVD teaching series on Women in Ministry:

I want to say from the start that I was very impressed with the quality of your production and the depth of reasoning present in Women in Ministry Silenced or Set Free? This is a well thought out treatment of this controversial issue of women in ministry… It would have been easy for you to fall into a derogatory and disrespectful and even an antagonistic tone in this production, but you did not stoop to this level and for that you are to be commended. The tone throughout was one of respectful disagreement and honorable treatment of those who differed from you in your position. That’s grace.,,, I learned some interesting things from your teaching [for example](your handling of 1 Corinthians 14) – This was well done and your reference to Jewish tradition was powerful in making your points. Could Paul’s reference to “the law” in verses 34-35 be referring to a quotation from Jewish tradition? You make a pretty persuasive case that it is… Again I want to commend you on your work. It is well done, rational and reasonable, temperate, well organized, and of high technical quality… I want to say in closing, Cheryl, you and all those who worked on this project have done a magnificent job in presenting your case. I thank you for allowing me to review your work. It stretched me and forced me to dig deep and seriously consider what I believed about this issue.

I appreciate this Pastor’s willingness to be open to have his position on the women’s issue biblically challenged. This Pastor also gave me a list of questions and challenges that he believed needed to be answered regarding issues outside the hard passages of scripture and thus not included in the material in the DVD itself. I have answered his questions point by point and right now we are still dialoguing.

3 thoughts on “Another complementarian Pastor responds

  1. That’s Great. The key is to ask meaningful questions and to test everything, just like scripture saids. An to do it all in Love. I can see another DVD that answers even more questions in the future making!

  2. I can’t remember where but a complementarian is trying to use the Creation of SUN & MOON to prove women are lesser etc. At first I was LOL then I said ok I can play that. Here is my understanding

    Both were made in the image that God had in mind and spoke it into being. The MOON is the glory of the SUN but both are made in Gods image/design. Also more or less we get 12 hours of Sunlight (Day)and 12 hours of Moonlight (Night)…they both have equal rule! Also what do we do about Alaska LOL 30 days of night!

    I thought I heard it all but that’s false teaching you never know what they will try to use against us! But when you test it its pretty clear that whoever tried to use this imaging only worked against them. It’s sad though how people try to mess with the word of God! What’s next Apples to Oranges!?

  3. Thanks for your comments, Michael. I will be doing another DVD on the women’s issue, God willing, but it will have to wait until a couple more DVD projects are finished.


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