Recommendation for WIM

Recommendation for WIM

WIM recommendation on Women in Ministry by Cheryl Schatz

In July 2011, I was privileged to be a special speaker at the IMF MORE conference in Lakeville, MN.  It has been an extremely busy time for me as we are still in construction of our new office and video studio, but God blessed the time we took away from our project to serve at the conference.  The General Secretary of IMF saw that my work in the DVDs was unique and he had the DVD set critiqued by two seminary professors.  Below is the recommendation sent to me from Pastor Frank Masserano:

It was a blessing to have you present “Women in Ministry: Silenced or Set Free?” at IMF’s recent MORE Conference. I reviewed the four DVDs carefully prior to the conference and had two New Testament and Biblical Language professors at two separate ATS accredited seminaries review your research.

While both differed a bit on some textual issues, they both overwhelmingly recognize the excellence of your research and the general conclusions you reached.

Many of our people (men and women) were greatly blessed by your presentations and the humble and Christ-like spirit you and Richard exhibited in our midst.

Thank you again and congratulations on your excellent research and well prepared presentation on DVDs. I would recommend the set to any pastor for presentation to his or her church leadership, congregation or women’s groups.

In Christ,
Pastor Frank Masserano
General Secretary IMF

6 thoughts on “Recommendation for WIM

  1. How lovely to receive such excellent affirmation of your work, Cheryl.

    I’m hoping that when you have time, you will continue your defense of your argument that “a woman” in 1 Tim 2:12-15 refers to one woman. The main item I think you have not addressed yet is why this discussion of one particular woman appears in this chapter, which deals in general with groups, and not in Chapter 1, where Paul talks specifically in terms of individuals.

  2. Thanks Kristen! I have just been overwhelmed of late so I have not yet finished part 2. I will try to incorporate your question in that section. Sorry for being so slow. I put a whole lot more time into my talks and the powerpoint presentations than I had anticipated and that has left me far behind in my ministry work including emails, etc. It has been really hard to balance everything. I really need the Lord’s strength to get done everything that is on my plate.

  3. That is great Cheryl. Now I am even more bummed that I missed you in MN.

    One of the things I find very difficult is getting people in mushy, soft-comp churches (like my own) to even realize there is a problem, let alone getting them introduced to materials such as yours that address it. *sigh*

  4. This is great to hear. I’m looking forward to part 2. We’ve been missing you, but understand that there are seasons and times for everything. This was your season for some extra working.

  5. Gengwall,
    I do understand that there are many times that people have closed themselves from hearing a side that does not belong to their own viewpoint. I want to keep myself from becoming like that. I may be a strong person and confident of my position, but if there is truth outside of my view, I am willing to hear it.

    Sometimes we can do nothing at all for someone else but wait for them to be open and pray, pray, pray. An encouragement to me is that God has prophesied that he will use women especially in the end time. That makes me think that the phenomenon of women in ministry will be so outstanding before Jesus comes that the church will embrace women in ministry and reject man-made tradition just as the issue of slavery was eventually rejected and equality for all races was accepted. What seems impossible right now, is surely possible with God.

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