Women in Ministry humor break

Women in Ministry humor break

potty-talk on Women in Ministry by Cheryl Schatz

It has been awhile since my Women in Ministry blog has taken a humor break. This one is going to test whether men and women can share a common sense of humor about the blessings of motherhood – i.e. mothering a talkative three year old.

So are you ready to test your funny bone?  Click here to watch Potty Break a 4-minute clip about a Christian mother’s real life experience. This animated true story had me in stitches. It so much reminded me of my oldest son who was the talkative one in my family. Here is the description: 

As this true story proves, kids can definitely say the darnedest things. As this story also proves, they can say them at the most inopportune time. However, in the face of all that, watch one mother’s love for her son grow stronger during this hysterical situation.

Story written by Shannon Popkin. Shannon lives with her family in Grand Rapids, MI, where she no longer uses public restrooms. To read more about Shannon and her work, you can visit her blog here.

7 thoughts on “Women in Ministry humor break

  1. adorable! I would have been laughing in the other stall. 🙂 And I would’ve come out to congratulate the woman on the child’s grasp of English. hehe

  2. Precious, just precious. I laughed until there were tears in my eyes and a stitch in my side. I think we could use these humor breaks more often, not just in the blog, but in our lives. After all, it’s the unwritten 11th Commandment: Thou shalt not take thyself too seriously!

  3. Alison, I am so glad that others find this little clip as funny as I did. When I first found it, I had been having a sleepless night and I was up on the computer looking for video clips for our video projects as I was trying to make myself tired enough to get back to sleep. When I saw this clip the tears were rolling down my cheeks as I watched and I was chuckling so loud it woke my husband up. He thought that I was in my office bawling my eyes out and he was very concerned. He had to get up to comfort his wife and he was a little miffed that it was only a funny clip that was the culprit at disturbing his sleep.

    It reminded me of the time when I was in a grocery store and my son really wanted me to buy him a chocolate bar. The one he wanted was called a Virginia bar but he read the name as a Vagina bar and he kept saying it louder and louder as I was trying to shhhhh him. I could have crawled right through the floor. Or the time that our family was introduced to my mom’s neighour’s new born baby. The baby was at least three months premature, and back then it was a miracle that he was alive. But he hadn’t developed quite right and his eyes were not in the front of his head as normal but rather more on the side of his head. So the entire family is looking at this little baby and my son pipes up “hey mom, the kid has a fish head”. We were all mortified and none of us said anything but we wished we could have crawled through the floor. My silence just made him get louder because he wanted to make sure that he was heard. Loudly he said ” I SAID, the kid has a fish head!” Today we roar when we remember the embarrassment that we all felt by the naive honesty of my son. We were all thinking the same thing, but he had not yet learned how to keep his thoughts to himself. How embarrassing!

  4. And yes, I do think that humor has a wonderful place in life. We need to step back sometimes and not take ourselves (or our kids!) too seriously.

  5. Laughter is like a medicine and I got a large dose with this humor break!! Thanks Cheryl.

  6. Cheryl, thanks for including Igniter Media’s rendition of my story on your blog! I’m glad it gave you laughter on a sleepless night. But I must tell you that YOUR fish head story just made ME laugh till I cried. I can just HEAR it happening. 🙂

    Blessings to you and your ministry.

  7. Shannon, I am so honored that you came to my blog! Welcome!! I am also happy to see that we treasure the little treasures that God gave us even if they really embarrass us. It is wonderful to know that one day we can laugh our heads off remembering these embarrassing times. My little guy is now a full grown man with three children of his own. My little grandson is the spitting image of his dad at the age when he thought babies could have fish heads!

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