The difference between male and female

The difference between male and female


This is a quickie post because I couldn’t resist allowing my four year old grandson Isaac to teach us all some of the basics.  Ready?  Here goes:

Trying to figure out what boys and girls are…he says, “Mom, if boys are MALE, then girls are EMAIL, right?”

So why do we have to go to the complicated complementarian rule book?  Let’s just learn from nature and ask a four year old!

If you have some cute kid’s sayings about male and female, just post it here and let all of us enjoy it!

Oh and by the way, you might want to know what a four year old hockey fan calls not wearing clothes?  Ready for this one regarding Adam in the buff?  It is a good one!  Answer:  PUCK naked.  (For those of you who don’t get these four year old sayings, just think about how a small hockey fan would interpret “BUCK naked”.

18 thoughts on “The difference between male and female

  1. Don’t have one from kids, but has any male supremacist ever wondered how on earth doctors and nurses can tell a newborn baby boy from a girl before it has learned to act out roles? They must have to go to school a LONG time to learn how to tell! After all, babies aren’t born with either a blue or pink ribbon on their little wrists.

  2. Background: we taught our kids the correct terms for their plumbing.
    When my kids were young, we were in a home church group and the time came to pray. A friend of my daughter’s had diaper rash. My precocious daughter piped up with, “Pray for Becky’s ‘gina.” A mother sitting next to her could not figure out what she meant and asked for clarification, only to turn beet red as the realization dawned on her about what was being requested.

  3. Very cute, Don.

    Here’s another one, this time about God. My grandson asks his mom if God lives in the sky. She answers him about where heaven is. He says “But mom does God live in the sky?” His mom gives him more details about how far away heaven is, etc but this doesn’t satisfy Isaac. Persistently, he asks “BUT MOM, does God live in the SKY?” Seeing that her answers about heaven aren’t satisfying him, she says, yes God lives in the sky. Isaac answers, “I thought so, I think I can see his feet”, as he points to a large cloud.

  4. Paula,

    Good one about babies and roles. Or, wait, doesn’t it say somewhere in the Christian Talmud that the baby boys’ role is to cry louder and longer??

  5. Maybe you’re on to something, Cheryl. Yeah, that must be it… boys cry louder. But– shouldn’t only girls cry, and boys just pout and take it like a man? I can just hear the doctor’s rebuke of a crying baby boy: “So you just got rammed through a tube the diameter of a straw. Kwit cher belly achin’, ya sissy! I’ll give you a reason to cry!!”

    When I was pregnant the other ladies told me I must be carrying a girl because I wasn’t suffering all the usual things, but it was a boy. Go figure.

  6. A friends son was going on his first airplane trip and his Dad was trying to prepare him by saying they would be up high in the sky. This 4 year old said his prayers every night. His son said, “While we’re flying to Vancouver can we stop off at heaven for awhile? ” That’s the best I”ve heard in awhile.

  7. Did you all know Amazing Grace was gender specific? I have a collection of my mom’s old hymn books and my 7 year old daughter and I love to sing from them. One night she was singing Amazing Grace alone in the other room and was doing pretty good sounding out all the words. But when it came to ‘wretch’ like me…she sang, ‘witch’ like me.

    BTW: Issac is precious.

  8. Children are so precious and innocent. I loved these stories. Thank you for sharing them.
    This reminds me of when my youngest son was 5 years old. We had told him that we were going to travel to Calgary for a few days. All of a sudden he got very excited and said: “Mom, can we please see where Jesus was crucified?” I didn’t realize until then that he thought that Jesus had been crucified in Calgary 🙂
    Good memories…
    Blessings to you all.

  9. We were singing a chorus in church, when suddenly my 4 year old daughters face became very serious and sad. I asked her what was wrong … and choking back tears she said “i feel so sorry for God”.

    What, why honey!?!

    Because he is SO TIRED! As she continued to worship, I heard her sing “you are exhausted, you are exhausted, you are exhausted on high …”.

  10. thanks for this website, as a homeschooler i fight with the visrionforum-hyperpatriarchy mindset every day, and i also unfortunately get to see the fruit that mindset bares. your site is going to be a useful tool to help me think through my positions and to help me keep my own children free from this oppression.

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