Pastoral support

Pastoral support

Cheryl Schatz and her husband Richard, along with ministry partners Keith and Lorri MacGregor, are members in good standing at Bethel Christian Centre in Nelson, BC.  The MacGregor’s established a counter-cult/discernment ministry three decades ago and have recently partnered with the Schatz’s to form MM Outreach, Inc.  Together, these two couples continue with integrity and a passion for the Word of God what the MacGregor’s had already begun and, recognizing the importance of local church leadership and accountability, operate as a parachurch ministry while remaining closely associated with Bethel Christian Centre.

Rev Derwyn Costinak
Bethel Christian Centre

4 thoughts on “Pastoral support

  1. It is important to be a member of a local expression of the body of Christ.  This is especially true to those in public ministry.

  2. I think it was a very kind gesture for my Pastor to write a word of support especially that he considers us as having integrity as people and in our work.  Pastor Derwyn is a former complementarian just recently (spring 2008) having re-evaluated his view using the bible as his guide.  We have had many long talks about the subject.  We have gone past the disagreements to a position where we can love, appreciate and value each other for the gifts that God has given each of us and we are now in a position of agreement in the place of women in ministry.  I not only appreciate Pastor Derwyn’s support but I do appreciate the opportunity to allow ourselves to be accountable to a local body so that we can minister and be ministered to and held accountable if we err.  This is a great blessing to me personally.

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