Transitions by Cheryl Schatz

In life there are transitions. As Christians, we go through many transitions as we grow in Christ and become all that we can be with His amazing grace. Today I would like to post about a new challenge in life that involves an area of transition for me.  It is about a struggle with cancer that I am facing as I fight for my life.

I am still dedicated to serving the Lord Jesus in the ministry that He has called me to.  As I continue to work on this DVD project The Giving, I will need every ounce of strength that He provides, as my work will be interrupted by surgery and further treatment as the doctors consider necessary.  I will continue to post on The Giving blog, but I may not be as fast as I would like.  Check the subscribe area on the right-hand side to follow my posts and to check out my personal journey.

Prayer Support

As I fight this battle for life against an enemy that wants to stop my work and end my life, if you are inclined to pray for me, I would be very grateful.  I have been eighteen years cancer free, but it has come back with a vengeance. It is an aggressive enemy, but our God is able.  I choose to serve God with every breath that He gives me.  There are 10,000 reasons to bless the Lord, even when we are sick.  Here is a link to a song that was sent to me to bless me, and I hope that it will bless you as well.

10,000 Reasons (Bless the Lord)


I have a new blog set up for just my health updates and for my personal reflections. It is called On the Path. You can go to my personal blog by clicking here.

5 thoughts on “Transitions

  1. Sorry to hear that. Many walk your journey, but not alone. There is complexity with this issue. May many join in prayer for God’s will and grace, even a miracle. Keep us informed. You are loved.

  2. My prayer is in agreement with yours that HE continue to give strength to you to do what you are doing aggressively… There’s nothing the enemy aggressively can do to stop you!!! Sick or well doesn’t change our fear of GOD. Miracles are real and I pray yours come quickly. Grace, mercy and love to you:-) you are well kept of JESUS forever because you fear GOD!!!

  3. DeShanda,
    Thank you for your prayers and for recognizing the importance of the fear of the LORD in our battle against the enemy. It beings us into the place of victory no matter what we see on the outside. I pray for time to get finished what God has given me. I want to live a life with strength and integrity and to encourage others to use their gifts for the benefit of the body of Christ.

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