John 6:37 and Dr. James White and – A response to the challenge

John 6:37 and Dr. James White and – A response to the challenge

James White and Cheryl Schatz on youtube

John 6:37 Responding to Dr. James White

I posted a YouTube video with my response to the challenges of Dr. James White. On July 24, 2014 Dr. White critiqued my article on John 6:37 posted here Because of ill-health and ministry obligations I was not able to give my response on YouTube until now. I have posted my video response at  I welcome discussion on this blog post. Your comments will be held in moderation the first time you post and I ask that you be respectful as all Christians belong to one Lord Jesus. I will continue to add responses in the next set of YouTube posts. I will create a blog post for each YouTube video and discussion can continue on these posts.

John 6:37, what a wonderful verse to discuss!

6 thoughts on “John 6:37 and Dr. James White and – A response to the challenge

  1. Your response was gracious and clearly demonstrates that you understand the Greek grammar and syntax. I honestly don’t know what Dr. White was trying to get at by suggesting that you have no knowledge of the Greek syntax. How does he know this? This ad hominem is so frustrating. Just address the details and let the reader conclude who knows what they are talking about.

  2. Thank you Ryan. I agree that it came across an an attack on the person rather than dealing with the issue. the question that I have is, if a person has a sound argument, why would they need to resort to attacking the person instead of presenting their own reasons?

  3. I’m praying for your health. When it comes to videos like this, it makes me want to learn greek. If only I had the time!

  4. Arthur, I have not had a chance yet to view the video you posted. I hope you have a chance to look through our resources on John 6 as well. Blessings.

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