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The Jesus Timeline

The Jesus Timeline pocketbook is a completely original concept that Cheryl Schatz has used for years helping Jehovah's Witnesses to understand the differences between the Jesus of the Bible and the Jesus of the Watchtower. It is a pictoral view of the life of Jesus from eternity past, to his birth, death and resurrection and into eternity future. The Jesus Timeline is written for Jehovah's Witnesses so it can be used to give to the Jehovah's Witness at the door, but the entire concept will train you how to chart the life of Jesus yourself in such a way that a Jehovah's Witness can understand the resurrection and then question the Watchtower's claim to a spiritual resurrection.

Do Scholars really endorse the New World Translation?

Examines the scholarship quoted by the Watchtower organization.

Answers to the Cults

The 144,000, Earthly Hope, Soul & Spirit. Can you explain these topics?

Blatant Blunders of the Watchtower Society

The Nazi's, the WT's changing Charter, sales tax evasion tactics. (See also the documentation package available.)

Could Jesus be 'a god'?

Piercing questions for those who deny the Deity of Christ.


Christadelphians & Christianity

A Biblical evaluation of this group showing how they differ from historic Christianity.

Examining 'Should You Believe in the Trinity?'

"Should you Believe in the Trinity" is a recent publication from the Watchtower Society. Did they get it right? Should we pay attention to what they say? Lorri MacGregor carefully critiques this book and compares the WT claims with the Bible. As usual the WT's "new light" is very dim when compared to the Word of God. Your JW friends will be studying from this book... why not have some questions for them? Help them see the deception that is coming from Brooklyn. If they don't get help from you, where will they? (See also the documentation package on the Trinity)

Examining Seventh-day Adventism

The importance of Ellen G. White, 1844, investigative judgment, applying "the Sabbath Law", etc.

Facts Seventh-day Adventists won't tell you (at their seminars)

Examining The New Age Movement

What is it all about? How can I detect its pervasive influence in our North American culture?

Fractured Families

Contains some suggestions for dealing with Jehovah's witness family members and warnings about child custody cases and protecting the elderly from pressure to sign over their property and savings to the Watchtower Society.

How reliable is the Kingdom Interlinear Translation?

Proof of the Watchtower's twisting of the Scriptures.

How to identify a Cult

Counterfeit Christianity. Lists the different 'Jesus' of various cult groups.

Is the Trinity True?

Explains the Trinity to the cults who deny it.

Jehovah's Witnesses and the Real Jesus

Designed to present Jesus to the Jehovah's Witnesses. Their claims and biblical rebuttals.

Jehovah's Witnesses and the Question of Blood

A reply to their unscriptural teachings.

Mormonism, is it Christian?

A comparison of Latter Day Saint scriptures with Christianity. Facts they won't tell you at your door.

Ongoing Changes in the Worldwide Church of God

Compares present teachings with those of H.W. Armstrong.

Re-viewing the Vineyard

True revival? Updated

Should you pay attention to 'Pay Attention to Daniel's Prophecy!'?

Critique of Watchtower book.

The Baha'i Faith And Christianity

Can you be both a Baha'i follower and a Christian as they claim? Find out in this booklet whether that assertion is true or false.

The Church Controversy -Women!

Can women serve in ministry? Perhaps you may be surprised what a careful examination of Scripture reveals.

The Witness at your Door

This contains all of the Scriptural references contained in the video tape by the same name. The simple but effective presentations can be used at your door or on the street corner with Jehovah's witnesses.

The Pagan Roots of Jehovah's Witnesses

Shocking disclosures of their pagan and occult background.

We Are The Prophets Of God

An examination of the double-minded attitude of the Watchtower Society who on one hand claim to be a prophet in the biblical sense and on the other hand just over-zealous humans who made a few mistakes. Specifically it provides a rebuttal to the article in the March 22, 1993 "Awake Magazine" regarding the 1914 fiasco.

Does the Watchtower's 'Knowledge' Book really lead to eternal life?

by G. Hall

A Look at the RLDS The Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints by Peter Scott.

A good overview of this church's history and their differences with biblical Christianity.

Jesus is God!

Pastor Harly Koehn carefully explodes the WT teaching that Jesus was only "a god". A good examination of the key scriptures in the Greek that the WT distorts.

The Go-Preachers

by K. Daniels. An overview of the history and distinctive doctrines of this group which claims to have no name at all, but are commonly called the two-by-twos.

Freemasonry - Rite or Wrong?

Can a Christian be a Mason? by Marshall Almarode.



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