Last surgery for 2014

Last surgery for 2014

Last Surgery

On December 11, 2014 I had the last surgery on my right hand, the last of five surgeries this year.
I am doing well after a very painful second hand surgery. I have a rare extra muscle in my hand once again that needed to be cut, and my hand did not take the freezing properly. My surgeon had to stop the surgery twice to administer two more vials of freezing. In the end I just had to take the pain because my carpal tunnel connective tissue was so tight, the bottom part of the surgeon’s scissors kept pushing on my median nerve, and there wasn’t any way to freeze it.

Both surgeries seem to be a success and I am SO grateful that the surgeries are behind me. My left hand is now healed although the incision is still sensitive and I don’t have any strength. My right hand surgery was just done over a week ago and I am still in bandages. I am taking Wellesse extra strength liquid Glucosamine and it is very helpful for the pains in my arms. The pains are side effects from the anti-estrogen pills I am on as continuing cancer treatment. If anyone is suffering from arthritis pains in your joints, and you haven’t tried Wellesse liquid Glucosamine, you may be pleasantly surprised at how well it works.

I am expecting smooth sailing into the New Year as I rest and heal. Thank you so much for all who have prayed for me this past year! I hope the worst is behind me for a very long time.

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