Premeds and “D” day

Premeds and “D” day

 D-day -- On the Path blog by Cheryl Schatz

Today I started my pre-meds in preparation for “D” day — the start of the harsh chemotherapy treatment that could be a part in my healing, but could also threaten my life.

I was prescribed twice the dose of steroids to protect me against an allergic reaction to the chemo and also to help protect me against a side effect that would cause my body to swell with fluids. How well this pretreatment works will be seen shortly. I was also given pretreatment for the neuropathy that accompanies this particular chemo. I already experienced this attack on the nerves in my legs with the last chemo, and I came close to over medicating myself with Tylenol because I couldn’t sleep due to nerve pain, but the next level is said to be much worse. In fact all one’s nerves can be affected include the nerves in one’s ears which could lead to temporary or permanent hearing loss. There is so much to be afraid about, but God is giving me peace to walk this road to go for the cure.

The pills 

I have become used to what I call my “no-sleep” steroids. When I am on them, I sleep very little for three days and when the steroids are done, I crash. This time seems to be different. Even though I am on double the dose of these steroids, the pill that was given for neuropathy overrode the “no-sleep” steroids made me extremely tired and gave me a feeling like being intoxicated, and I slept for the entire afternoon! The pills were originally designed to treat epilepsy, but people have been known to abuse them as recreational drugs. I can see why. They interfere with one’s brain and give a “buzz” and then typically make you very tired. I think it is better to sleep than to suffer with not being able to sleep, but it is hard to get any work done in this state. The pills are also very strong so I have to add one every day for three days, and then I take three a day for 7-10 days. I can’t even begin to imagine what three of them will do to me! In God’s amazing grace, I was able to talk to a friend at my church tonight who has been taking these same pills for her very rare cancer, for a long time and she said that one eventually gets used to them and they no longer have the same effect with the buzz and tiredness. Good to know! I will also have to come down from them slowly to make sure that I don’t have withdrawal symptoms.


So tomorrow, November 14, 2013, I start a walk of faith in the world of harsh chemo drugs. The drug will be removed from my body through my liver, so it is important that my liver function is working well. I will instruct my husband on how to update this blog, so that if something happens to me and I am no longer able to give updates, he can inform people what has become of me. He isn’t very fast, but he is faithful, and I am sure he will be able to do the work of updating my blog and also to release comments that are in the “held for release” folder.

The Future

There is so much that I would like to accomplish. I am in the midst of a huge DVD project that has been on my heart for years and I would like to finish it. I would also like to continue in ministry and help as many people as I can. I still have more things to write about on the cults, women in ministry, and doctrine in the church. Above all, I would like to please my Lord with my life, and someday my death. I would like to finish well.

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I greatly appreciate all those who are praying for me. I may not be able to answer everyone’s comments, depending on how I am functioning with the new chemo treatments, but know that I get emails of every comment and even as I am sitting in the chemo chair, I have access to the internet through my iPad, and I am able to read and appreciate your words of encouragement. We are brothers and sisters in Christ and we can make a difference in each other’s lives. You have already made much difference in my life, all of you! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Lord Jesus, please give me the gift of life, and help me to finish well for your glory and honor. Thank you for everyone who has prayed for me in the past, or who is praying for me now, and please bless their socks off for their kindness towards me. In your name, Amen.

The journey begins……

9 thoughts on “Premeds and “D” day

  1. Dear Jesus, I want you in the center of my life
    and I commit, through your power,
    to serve and obey you
    anytime, anywhere, at any cost, to do anything.

    The Life (Power to Change ministries challenge)

  2. I pray God wonderfully prepares your way Cheryl and grants you the desires of your heart on this difficult journey. Pray the process is smooth in spite of the obvious dangers and that you are carried along each moment by the Holy Spirit, our helper and comforter. God is able to accomplish what concerns us and I pray His love for you is felt and empowers you in every way, each and every day. I also ask that no ill affects from the drugs would stay and that the positive purposes of every treatment would be seen to the fullest measure. Only you can make the raging storm calm Lord and I pray you would for Cheryl as she begins her treatment. Be close to her Lord and guide her every step, not for all the good works you know she has done Father, but simply because you love her so much. Bless her richly Lord as she has blessed others. I ask this all in the mighty and powerful name of Jeaus for my sister in Christ.

  3. It is my pleasure to pray for you Cheryl. Truly so sorry you and your family have to go through this. Trusting God to carry you all.

  4. May the Love of Christ comfort you in this difficult time and bring you peace.
    I will never leave you nor forsake you. Joshua l:5
    Continuing daily prayer for you, Richard and your families

  5. Hi Cheryl…I have been getting updates from Stefanie about your condition. I feel horrible for you and Richard and wish I had the power to make it all better. Even though I haven’t contacted you I have been praying for you frequently and will continue to do so. May the Lord give you rest, healing and comfort during your walk of faith and may He continue to use you as a testimony of His grace toward both those who know Him, and those who don’t. Fran

  6. Thank you, Fran for your care and your prayers. They are very much appreciated. I am still in the hospital waiting for my infusion. There has been a problem with my port in my chest so i just came back from having a chest xray and the chemo has started. We just have to walk in faith and make sure, I am ready to do as God leads no matter the cost.

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